Let’s Now Look At Some Of NBA 2K18’s Modes Noticeable Changes

Let’s Now Look At Some Of NBA 2K18’s Modes Noticeable Changes

As a popular basketball simulation video gameplay, NBA 2K18 is still a must-buy. NBA 2K18 has four different avenues to simulated hardwood action: Play Now, MyPlayer, MyGM/MyLeague and MyTeam. Ranging from a subtle change to a massive makeover, each game mode was updated for the new season. Let’s now look at some of those noticeable changes.

NBA 2K18

2K’s popular card collecting mode returns with even more microtransactions than before. Of all the game modes, this occupies the least amount of my time. NBA 2K18 is loaded with plenty of options to customize your playing experience without forking over handfuls of virtual currency such as NBA 2K18 MT.

This isn’t 2K’s most ambitious attempt at creating a believable backstory, but it might be the most customizable individual experience yet. Once you have the basics out of the way, you begin your journey. Once you work through a few tryouts with your new team, you are unleashed into an open world with hundreds of other created players.

MyGM / MyLeague
Like the Play Now mode, 2K didn’t mess with a good thing here. You’ll notice a slight change when you come to your first offseason, as NBA 2K18 now includes the free agent moratorium. The offseason still features a robust NBA Draft simulation, which includes an array of incredibly detailed draft classes created by 2K’s impressive community of players.

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