Path Of Exile: Microtransaction Gifting

Path Of Exile: Microtransaction Gifting


Dear players, Christmas is coming, we wishes you a Merry Christmas here. Therefore, Path of Exile will give the game players to welfare. Now, let’s take a look!

Path of Exile

With the holiday period coming up, they expect some of you might want to give some of your friends or guildmates microtransaction effects, points, or Supporter Packs in-game! Their Support team is more than happy to process these gift requests manually for you, so that you can share the good will these holidays! They’re happy to arrange a gift to be received immediately, or if you’d prefer, they can arrange for your gift to be received on Christmas Day!

If you would like the gift to be delivered on Christmas Day, they ask that you contact Support as early as possible with your gift requests so that they can organise payment with you, then on Christmas Day their team will distribute those gifts! Please keep in mind that the day on which your giftee receives their present may be affected by differing time zones.

Please note that they can do purchases on behalf of, but can’t gift microtransactions or points that you already have on your account.

Hopefully this makes it easier for you to buy Path of Exile microtransactions for your friends over the holiday period. Thanks again for your great support – it’ll let us do exciting things in the future. May you hopefully receive a nice gift yourself!

Cool! To arrange a gift, You can log path of exile official website. Now, you just need to find friends to gift you things. At the same time, you can also visit our official website to buy some Path of Exile Chaos Orbs, we will introduce some appropriate special events at Christmas. Finally, do not forget, War For The Atlas will go to war tomorrow slightly, are you ready?

Good luck to you!

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