The Unique Plays To Get Better Grades In Madden NFL 18

The Unique Plays To Get Better Grades In Madden NFL 18

Let share some of the unique plays that we run against users to throw them off and get big stops or big touchdowns. U4GM has cheap Madden coins for sale, and You can gather more coins to help you play games better.

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My first play is the defensive side of the ball. I call this play on first downs when I expect a run to come, and sometimes I’ll do it on shorter third downs when the offense shows pass. First its a 4-3 or nickel normal cover 4 play call.

The corners and safeties split the deep coverage into 4, the mlb plays a yellow zone, and the two linebackers are playing purple zones. The audible here are to blitz both safeties and manually bring them down right behind the linebackers. then you user the MLB.

On run downs the safeties absolutely destroy the run. Its awesome against the stretch and counters because its simply too much speed and too many bodies playing the run, against the pass, its tricky. I call this on situations where they need 4-5 yards. Most madden users will see the safeties down and get really antsy and audible someone deep.

In goaline situations If it’s a standard 22 formation I like to run Goaline Sam Blitz, man the LB to the X WR and user the left safety and pull him right to the edge of the tackle. A lot of opponents see the WR wide open uncovered and hot route to a slant, where I immediately drop into the seam flat for a user lurk pick.

I only try it every once In a while when I play Peyton Manning Audible every play guy on offense I pretty much always start with Strong I – Z Close F Trail as my first play. Does a good job of tipping their Blitz v Zone tendency and who they prefer to user and it’s guaranteed to be open for 6-8 yd gain.


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