What’s Best PoE Build For You Of The League

What’s Best PoE Build For You Of The League

If you have been a long time PoE gamer, what’s your favorite build of the League from this awesome game? I have really been enjoying my Tri curse EQ slayer. According to the player’s comments about Path of Exile, I summed up some of their favorite build of the League.

Some of the players think that Molten Strike Scion has been fantastic. Roughly following Engineering Eternities build, and it is great fun. Plus as you get poe currency, it is fun to see upgrades come through. Grelwood Shanks make it better, and then you can get a Culling one since they are cheap, and then Dying sun makes it better.

Path of Exile

Some of the players followed engineering eternity’s scion molten strike guide fairly close and loved it. It’s a fantastic character and with slayer over leech extremely solid defensively and fun to play. The combo of over leech and free frenzy charges always makes want to definitely learn towards scion.

Some of them love the Detonate dead poets pen. They think that detonate dead is quite powerful and feels good. With spell cascade it can make all 3 explosion target corpses in the same spot which means every cast will pretty much always hit the same spot 3 times. Combined with the tiny delay before each explosion in the cascade it just feels like an explosive machine gun of death and destruction. Incredibly satisfying.

As for mine, the league-starter “WOE Sunder Slayer”. It’s the fastest and safest leveling build I’ve ever used. It’s dirt cheap & uses no uniques or “+1” items to level. It’s also the fastest and safest Uber Lab speed running build I’ve ever used. You can crush the Uber Lab pretty much the instant you hit L70 after completing act 10 and needs almost none of the unique’s listed to even do that.

And what about you? What is your favorite build of the League in Path of Exile? For more information, you can visit U4GM, you can also find some new players guide and some poe items for sale.

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