How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

Like in other games, leveling starts pretty quick and then slows down, and later levels will take a whole lot of XP to hit. This is why, U4GM Ping today, has gathered for you a brief guide to quickly take you through the leveling of Fortnite. So, here we go;

Complete your challenges – Fortnite offers new challenges every week to help you earn experience points and level up your character.

Open chest and ammo crates – You’re going to be doing this anyways, but it’s just another reminder to keep cracking open those chests and keep seeking out ammo crates no matter how geared up you are.

Last as long as you can each game – As we’ve mentioned further up the page, one of the contributing factors in determining your match XP, is to simply survive longer. That means going to less populated areas and dodging fights.

Chase kills – It’s either survive as long as you can, or be aggressive, get kills but risk elimination early. If you can combine both you’ll be cashing in loads of EXP, so we recommend spending a few matches chasing down opponents as this’ll increase your chances of earning kills and also improve your game in general. Keep at it and you’ll find your EXP earning rate will increase as you become better!

Buy the Battle Pass – We know the Battle Pass costs around £7.99 of real world money, but you’ll need to purchase it if you want to level fast. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll receive a huge +50% boost to your match EXP earning for the entire season! That’s a massive increase and one that’ll help you level up your Battle Pass ranking no matter what.

Play with friends – If you’re able to, playing with a friend of a similar skill level will help you bag even more EXP. You’re more likely to get involved in fights, which means kills. What’s more, if everyone in your squad has a Battle Pass, you’ll take advantage of the +10% Friend Match XP bonus that it provides. This stacks too, so you could potentially have a +40% boost!

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