How to FIFA 20 Winning headers from goal-kicks

There are two options you have here and both work superbly well. Often goal-kicks will be launched long by the opposition and you will need to challenge for the header. We press L2/LT to help jockey our way into position while the ball is in the air. Sometimes this will enable you to get in front of the attacker, making the header even more comfortable to win. However, if that doesn’t happen it will nudge your opponent to put them off balance and with the shielding mechanic of 360 degrees, slightly downgraded but still very active, your defender will look to place his body in the best possible position. By making this early movement, you will find that defenders (who are usually much stronger than attackers mainly) will have got their way in front of the striker. The next thing you need to do is now move backward pushing back into the striker using the left stick. This will eliminate any danger of them pushing into you and lead to a free header for them or you Flicking the ball on with your defender. So to summarise in simple terms:

The goal kick is taken
> Press L2/LT while moving towards the ball to get in front of the player or push them in the back;
> Ball will be about halfway to you by now;
> Push back against the opposing player if you are in front/drop back slightly in behind the player still;
> As the ball is dropping hold the shoot or pass button down to fully power it up and start tapping quickly as the ball is landing and this should all be done while aiming using the left stick towards a player on your team.
The other tip U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers can give you here is as follows:
The first movement you should make from a goal-kick this time is towards your own goal. By dropping off, you can get a run at the ball. When the ball is approaching, as above, press and hold the shoot or pass button down then tap quickly while pushing the left stick towards the ball. What will happen is your defender will overpower the striker and run right through and over the top of him to win the header. If you’re struggling with this technique, try watching how professional footballers attack a ball, particularly defenders. So, as above, we’ll break it down for you.

The goal kick is taken:
> Move your player back around 5 yards to back off the striker;
> As the ball is dropping, begin to move your player forward towards the attacker and shot as it falls;
> Tap, then press and hold shoot or pass button until the header is won.
The essential tip here is to make sure you hold down the shoot/pass button while pushing the left stick towards where the ball is coming from to make your player attack the ball. I keep the left stick and shoot/pass button tapping quickly until the header has been won.