How to Get MyTeam Tokens for Free in NBA 2K21?

How to Get MyTeam Tokens for Free in NBA 2K21?

Tokens are a specific currency just for the NBA 2K21 MyTeam mode. You can get it from completing different activities and for free in MyTeam. Here’s how to earn MyTeam Tokens most quickly and efficiently.


1. Logging into the MyTeam Mode

One of these is just by logging into the MyTeam mode as there are free daily rewards. During the first week of 2K21’s release, there was a free Token available for two of the days of logging in.

2. Triple Threat Online

Tokens are on a lot of boards after games, and you can easily rack up a ton of tokens from playing quick 3v3 games. Winning games is your best bet to maximizing your token earnings. Besides, Tokens are often possible as free Vault Prizes in the Triple Threat games.

3. Domination

Domination, especially All-Time and Historic, earns you a lot of tokens. You earn over 600 for playing 100 games, a value only matched by TTO games (TTO doesn’t give you player, badge, and other rewards, though).

4. Challenges

There are also the various Single Player Challenges that can bring NBA2k21 mt coins as mentioned above, as well as Tokens. For example, the Week 1 Tip-off had a reward of 2 Tokens for completion.

There are also multiplayer challenges that will reward tokens on a weekly basis. Depending on the Mode that you play in multiplayer MyTeam will reward you with different amounts of Tokens. In the Unlimited Mode, you will earn a minimum of 1 Token if you finish the 12 game season with at least 1 win.

You can also earn a massive amount of Tokens by completing Collector Challenges. These challenges simply require that you collect cards and when you reach certain milestones you will get tokens in bunches.

• Collecting 125 cards – 10 Tokens
• Collect 225 cards – 15 Tokens
• Collect 500 cards – 35 Tokens
• Collect 1250 cards – 200 Tokens
• Collect 1750 cards – 300 Tokens
• Collect 2500 cards – 750 Tokens

Other Challenges include Spotlight and Signature.

5. MyTeam Limited

5 in 5 matches vs CPU with lineup restrictions to get MyTeam Limited.

6. Completing Card Sets

Completing Current NBA Team sets nets you 10 tokens. This method is MT-expensive, so going about it requires a trade of MT for tokens. It’s not worth it in most cases.

7. Leveling Up

The new NBA 2K21 MyTeam aspect is the Season and leveling up concept. As you move up in levels you’ll gain specific rewards. For example, early on in 2K21, they were offering one Token at Level 3, three Tokens at Level 10, and five Tokens at Level 17.

8. Locker Codes

Another free way to acquire Tokens and MT is by entering Locker Codes. Often the codes offer prizes including Packs, MT, and Tokens.

Now that you know how to obtain MyTeam tokens, it is time to go for yours. Also, for more useful information on the game, be sure to check out here.

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