How To Complete A Contact Dunk In NBA 2K23?

How To Complete A Contact Dunk In NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 has been released and it’s a frenzy for basketball game lovers. Perhaps many players are tired of the NBA 2K series because the series has not been changed for a long time. But we can fully expect NBA 2K23. 2K23 is very different from the previous series and has changed in many ways.

Although there are many changes in NBA 2K23, there are some contents and gameplay that will not change. There are also many that players do not want to change. Here we will introduce you to the contact dunks about NBA 2K23.

Requirements for completing a contact dunk in NBA 2K23

When we enter NBA 2K23 or start a new chapter in the game we need to rebuild a player, which may require a lot of NBA 2K23 MT. these “builds” determine what type of player they will be, including the level at which certain attributes will be maxed out and the overall type of expectations.

Similarly, there are requirements to be met in order to complete a contact dunk, which we will list for you below.

All contact dunk requirements

How to dunk in NBA 2K23

There are two ways to dunk in NBA 2K23: Press the shot button or point the right stick at the basket – both while holding down the dash trigger.

Depending on the console you’re using, holding down the R2 or RT trigger while holding down the square button for PS5 or the X button for Xbox users will allow your player to dunk.

Or, if you choose that option, you can also point the right stick at the basket while holding the R2 or RT trigger to perform a dunk.

If you want to score easily on the court, consider dunking when developing your players. If you’re not sure what type of player you want to be, maybe consider that dunks will be a big part of your game.

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