Level Up Fast in Destiny with Power Leveling Complete Walkthrough

Level Up Fast in Destiny with Power Leveling Complete Walkthrough

One of the good things about Destiny is that despite your character level, low level enemies always give you the same amount of experience points – which makes them worth killing. While many players like to take their time and level up by completing the story, going through the crucible, completing strike missions, and patrol missions; there are few of us who like to hit the level cap as soon as possible. For those unrested souls, in this guide, I will explain the best methods to level up quickly than other players.

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Completing Bounties

While in the Tower, you can keep track of different bounties which upon completion will not only net you vanguard reputation, faction reputation, but also quite a lot of experience points ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 experience.

Some of these bounty runs are quite simple like completing a couple of skirmish or clash matches. Note that you need to only complete these matches, and not actually win them, which make them quite easy. Though, you will receive added bonus if you win them, but it is up to you.

Of course, you will have to grind a lot to complete some of these bounties, but the amount of experience is worth it! You can also refresh these bounties to get the new ones and complete them as per your convenience.

Note: You must go back and speak to the bounty dude in the Tower to claim your rewards after completing a bounty.

Shrine Of Oryx

First off, you need to be at least level 12 or higher to complete this method effectively!

To get started, open up your world-map and go to the Moon and start a shrine of Oryx mission with the level 12 modifiers. I would not recommend going beyond this because it will not make any difference.

After starting the mission, keep on playing like normal until you reach the gigantic tunnel. After coming out of the tunnel, you will see about 8 hallowed acolytes with yellow health bars. You need to kill all these hallowed acolytes as quickly as possible!

After clearing out the area kill the dregs if you wish to do so], go forward and see if the hallowed ogre has spawned. If it has, go back and jump off the cliff to kill your guardian.

By doing so, you will spawn again at the most-recent checkpoint to rinse and repeat the process. By using this method, you will not only level up fast, but will also earn like 40,000 Glimmer per hour, which is pretty insane.

Patrol Missions

Now, there are few players who pay much attention to patrol missions, but these missions are really good for additional experience grinding.

Patrol missions are accessible from the exploration mode of any planet. While in the exploration mode, use the Ghost to find green-lit beacons, which trigger patrol missions.

Missions are fairly simple like assassinating a key target or capturing a zone for the certain amount of time. By completing these missions, you will rack up experience points much faster.

In addition to these patrol missions, also try and play more of multiplayer and objective-based game modes, which will grant you much more experience points than campaign.


This is another decent method to rack up experience points fast. To do this, go to the exploration mode in the earth and head left from your spawn point.

On the twisted path, you will come across four knights which not only give you more experience points, but also Encoded Engrams and other items.

Regardless of your current level, these knights will keep on giving you experience points, which are useful for power leveling. The idea is to go back and forth in the area and keep on killing these knights and accumulating the additional XP.

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