Destiny: Dark Below DLC – Dead Ghosts Collectibles Locations

Destiny: Dark Below DLC – Dead Ghosts Collectibles Locations


Dig into The Dark Below DLC and uncover every new Dead Ghost location with our Destiny locations guide. These ghosts only appear in story missions, and some are pretty cleverly hidden. Put your Guardian to good use and unlock some extra lore with the six additional entries included in Bungie’s first add-on to the massive connected online FPS.

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Dead Ghosts Collectibles Locations

There are six dead ghost collectibles to find in Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC. All ghosts are found in story missions, and they’re all relatively close to each other. Check out the descriptions below for full explanations on where to find them.


The Dark Below – Earth Dead Ghosts

  • Ghost #1: Siege of the Warmind Mission – Once you reach Bunker RAS-2 go down the winding path to the lower level with catwalks in a long chamber. The railings are accented with yellow here. Turn right and continue down the passage, then continue past the first turn left. There’s a small raised platform before reaching the locked diamond-shaped door. The dead ghost is on the inner ledge of the platform.
  • Ghost #2: Siege of the Warmind Mission – In the same mission, continue up the steps on the first left turn described above. You’ll enter a large chamber and your partner will request you find the controls for Rasputin inside. Circle around the left edge of the center platform, then drop down into the lower levels. The dead ghost is shoved into the exposed wires and tubes on the lower level’s outer walls. If you want to level up faster, you can visit here.
  • Ghost #3: Siege of the Warmind Mission – Return to the central platform in the Rasputin chamber and look up. Near the top of the steps from the lower level you’ll find a yellow-painted machine with exposed tubes on the back lighting up the capsule in the middle of the room. Jump on top of the light, then jump onto the massive bundle of wires above and to the left. Now you can use the tubes to jump onto the large black polygonal structure near the ceiling. Climb up to the center to get this tricky ghost.


The Dark Below – Moon Dead Ghosts


  • Ghost #1: The Wakening Mission – Enter the Chamber of Night and you’ll eventually reach a room with a perfectly circular pedestal in the center. Continue down the main path, into a dark hallway where the Guardian’s flashlight will activate. This is where you’ll enter the Chamber of Night proper, with green glowing discs on the floor. Just as you enter, move left to the first green circle, then turn right. Past the second green circle, there are steps into a short hallway. Look on the floor along the left wall of this hallway for a hidden dead ghost location.
  • Ghost #2: The Wakening Mission – Right after the previous dead ghost, continue down the hall and turn left, running past the sandy indoor dunes lit with pale orange lamps. Just past it, you’ll reach a room with jutting rocks with glowing crystals. Jump onto the tallest jutting rock spire just as you enter to get the ghost.
  • Ghost #3: The Wakening Mission – Past the rocks, run up the stairs and turn left at the diamond-shaped statue through the impressive doorway. Along the left wall there’s another arched doorway leading into a separate room. Don’t go through it, instead jump onto the door frame and turn around. Facing the large diamond-shaped statue, you should be able to spot the final dead ghost. Double jump onto the installation piece to grab it.
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