Destiny: Dark Below – Hand, Eyes and Heart of Crota Bounty Guide

Destiny: Dark Below – Hand, Eyes and Heart of Crota Bounty Guide



The best content in The Dark Below, Destiny’s  first DLC add-on, is locked behind Eris Morn’s freeform bounty quests. Once the story is complete, you’ll need to hunt down three hidden Hive servants across Old Russia. The bounties give hints to their locations, but if you’re still having trouble discovering their locations then look no further.

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Hand, Eye & Heart of Crota Bounty Guide

To unlock the new Strike and Raid, you’ll first need to complete bounties for Eris Morn. Start by finishing her three story quests, then you’ll get a simple bounty to kill Hive enemies.

After completing Eris Morn’s “Kill 25 Hive Knights / Wizards” bounty you’ll unlock three additional bounties that task the Guardian with finding special Hive servants.

All three bounties take place in “Patrol Cosmodrome – Old Russia, Earth” — none of the bounties specify exactly where you need to go or what you need to do on Earth. Follow the instructions below to complete these tricky bounties.

Hand of Crota Bounty Location

From the Steppes spawning point, travel left to the Mothyards and enter the Lunar Complex. Take the metal stairs up into the dark chamber.

In the pitch black room, walk along the right-hand wall and look in the back corner behind one of the computer banks to find the waiting “Servant of the Hand” Hive enemy. Kill it, then defeat the “Hand of Crota” enemy that appears.

Eyes of Crota Bounty Location

Leave the Lunar Complex and weave ahead to the Terrestrial Complex. Fight through the Dregs to reach the exterior balcony of the facility where Hive spawn in.

Through the doorway outside, look near the ledge to discover the “Servant of the Eyes” — smash the servant, and steal his glowing green treasure urn so that waves of Hive creatures spawn into the area. That includes three “Eye of Crota” enemies you’ll need to defeat.

Heart of Crota Bounty Location

Take the right path from the Steppes through Dock 13 and past the Divide to reach the Rocketyard, then finally enter the Refinery area.

In the back of the Refinery, you’ll find a crashed ship where a special Hive enemy called the “Servant of the Heart” is waiting near the rubble.


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