Destiny Game Guide & Walkthrough

Destiny Game Guide & Walkthrough

How to better use of your supercharged state in Destiny


This unofficial guide to Destiny mostly consists of detailed description of all the most important elements, thus making it significantly easier to start your adventure with the game. In this guide you will find information about, among others, details on character creation process. All available character classes (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock) are described, as well as their special abilities and equipment. The guide also includes information on the locations visited in the game and interactions with other players (cooperative or competitive). A large part of the guide consists of a walkthrough of the storyline missions and the description of side quests and random events. Thanks to this guide, you will learn what types of missions there are in the game, what is the Tower, as well as how to use specific materials.

The whole thing is enriched with maps of selected locations with important places marked on them (merchants, mission givers, etc.), and a list of all available achievements/trophies. Destiny is a game developed by Bungie Software Studios, which in the past was made famous mainly thanks to Halo series. This time you play as a Guardian, who travels across the galaxy and takes part in exciting adventures. Destiny puts great emphasis on playing with others, although it is also possible to play alone. Most missions can be done in co-op, but there is also a PvP mode that allows battling against living opponents.

The content of Destiny guide:

  • Description of the three character classes available in the game, along with their unique abilities;
  • Description of equipment elements and how to get them;
  • Description of in-game locations;
  • Description of interactions with other players (cooperation, rivalry, and others);
  • Walkthrough of the story missions;
  • Walkthrough of the side missions;
  • Rules of participation in Events;
  • High-quality maps of key locations;
  • List of achievements/trophies along with hints on getting them


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