Destiny Share Finally Adds Mobile Vault Management

Destiny Share Finally Adds Mobile Vault Management

With the app, players can either ‘Equip’, ‘Move to Vault’, or ‘Take from Vault’ all with a few button presses. Taking from and moving to the vault can be done at any time, but equipping requires the player not be in a combat space. In the case of consumables and items with a number count, the app and website will ask how many of the item players want to transfer, meaning players can grab a small portion of their heavy ammo stack.destiny

While it may not seem like it at first glance, this is a big change for regular Destiny players, especially those with multiple characters. Having to pop in and out of the Tower – while waiting through those agonizing loading screens – has been a huge time waster, but no longer!

Although it’s unclear what took Bungie so long to implement a Vault management feature, the good news is it’s finally here. Having to manage three characters’ inventories and weapons was, admittedly, a slight inconvenience but there was nothing worse than jumping into a raid and realizing you left an important weapon behind. Now, you can pop open the app and put that gun right into your inventory.

Overall, it’s been a pretty big week for Destiny players thanks to this new feature and update 1.1.1.However, with so much time having passed without meaningful updates we’re sure plenty have already moved on. They’ll see these new features and think, “I wish that had been there when I was playing.”

What do you think of the Vault management feature? What other features would you like to see added to the Destiny app?

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