How to glitch Heavy Ammo in Destiny

How to glitch Heavy Ammo in Destiny

Destiny is a game filled with shortcuts, cheeses, and glitches players discovered to ease their way through the game’s myriad of activities. This guide details one of the many ways to quickly generate Heavy Ammo – a useful tip for Strikes, Nightfalls, and Raids (especially Raids).

3Step 1

Empty all of your Primary and Heavy Ammo (we’re assuming you don’t have Heavy Ammo at this point anyway, hence the glitch). This may take a while for the Primary, but the process speeds up if you switch weapons once and then use the swapped weapon after a reduced ammo penalty (for swapping).

It may take a minute, depending on what gun you have – during this step, I recommend getting into a safe place and not shooting anyone just yet.

Step 2

Once you lose all your Primary Ammo, you’re going to equip Ice Breaker (or at least pull out, if you already have it equipped). The reason we’re using Ice Breaker is because the ammo regenerates, so we won’t have any use for Special Ammo drops.

Use Ice Breaker to shoot as many enemies as you like – they should drop one box of Heavy Ammo per kill.

Just make sure you don’t pick up any ammo until you’re ready to do so, as picking up Primary or Heavy Ammo will stop the glitch from working.

Alternative method

Alternatively, for those who don’t have Ice Breaker, you can just empty all of your ammunition, and the game will automatically refresh it – all of your weapons must be empty, and the refresh takes about 10-15 seconds.

This ‘method’ is well-known, considering it was built directly into the game, but it’s also a useful way to gain some more Heavy Ammo if you find that enemies aren’t dropping any.

Both of these are alternatives to using a Heavy Synth, if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have any or you’re too stingy to use one – or worse, on a cool down from already using one.

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