Destiny Share Seeking Xur Location on March 13

Destiny Share Seeking Xur Location on March 13

How many times is Xur going to offer the Ice breaker? That’s the question that many Destiny players are scratching their heads about now, as we approach the Xur location on March 13 this week.

 The Agent of the Nine is a random chap and once again he has completely surprised everyone with the third appearance of the Icebreaker in recent weeks.

Hopefully this week Xur will have something which is actually a surprise, by that we mean weapons such as the Hard Light, Thunderlord, Suros Regime or dare we say it – the Gjallarhorn.

Either way, we’ll be one of the first to tell you where Xur spawns on March 13 and his full inventory once he appears. What you need to know is that Xur will be in the tower at 9am UK time, 1am Pacific Time and 4am Eastern Time on Friday.

It’s another new week for Destiny players, so hopefully Bungie’s RNG system will come up with the goods this time around.

What exotic are you looking for, as we can imagine that most of you have tons of strange coins saved up right now – what figure are you currently on?

 Simply put – what does Xur need to offer to keep you happy?

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