Destiny: Players Can Glitch Into Locked Areas Of The Game

Destiny: Players Can Glitch Into Locked Areas Of The Game

It’s no secret that Destiny players can glitch into locked areas of the game – they’ve been doing it since launch. Now, ahead of the House of Wolves expansion pack, a number of players have managed to get into the location of one of the new Strike missions on the Moon, and were kind enough to  give a small tour of their findings.

The first location featured is called ‘Dusk Warren’, located on the Moon. According to user ‘Rob85M’, the trick to getting to Dusk Warrens is in its ‘perilous’ out-of-map jumps. The location itself is through the Temple of Crota, and largely accessible through the World’s Grave.

After dropping between scenery, navigating a series of tricky out-of-map jumps and drops, then landing behind a locked door, it’s just a case of exploring and finding the new area. Interestingly enough, there’s a functioning teleported that transports players to the next location within the Strike, showing that the area itself is fully-functional, and just waiting on enemies to fill it.

The second area is on a Fallen Ketch, where the Strike’s boss fight takes place. The boss fight itself, as we know from previous House of Wolves leaks, will feature a Fallen Walker (potentially as its boss). The second video shows off a room with two Walkers stored in the wall, and a platform in the middle of the room that could potentially open up to reveal yet another.

Whether both of these Walkers will animate, or one will reveal itself from underground, is unknown. The latter seems more likely, given the Strike’s description of an ‘infamous Walker’.

While this method and location are nothing new, it’s interesting to watch after learning the context behind the new Strike mission in the upcoming expansion: Guardians must go to the Moon under the Queen’s bidding, fight a ‘Fallen wolfship’, and defeat an ‘infamous Walker’, according to the Strike description at the top of the article.

Destiny‘s House of Wolves expansion pack will allegedly release May 19th and feature new missions, new weapons, and a new social area.

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