Destiny Raid runs that combine solo attempts

Destiny Raid runs that combine solo attempts

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We’ve seen impressive Destiny Raid runs that combine solo attempts, no weapons, speed, and other factors. Another entry makes a mockery of Crota’s End, with a player soloing the Raid in just 16 minutes.

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On a good run for a full group the Raid would take roughy double that time at least, but The Legend Himself–the biggest name in Destiny feats–did it in just 16 minutes and 7 seconds by himself.

He only dies one time, but that death has the effect of speeding up Crota’s spawn to improve the overall time. It’s not hard mode, but I don’t think it will fail to impress anyone regardless. The Legend Himself uses a bunch of tricks you may recgonize, and some you may not, to fly through the Raid on his own. Enjoy in the video below, and if you think you can better his accomplishment, feel free to record your own attempt.

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A great recent run featured a player defeating Crota on his own without firing a single shot, which is ridiculous. He managed to figure out the perfect combination to succeed with a Warlock, and is well worth a watch. Prior to that a group had completed the whole Raid together with no weapons.

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