Skip Confluxes in Vault of Glass Raid From Destiny

Skip Confluxes in Vault of Glass Raid From Destiny

Thanks to Isaac356 on the Destiny subreddit, a new strategy has been uncovered that lets players bypass the time-consuming Conflux section of Vault of Glass. Now, this isn’t a particularly challenging section, especially for level 32 Destiny players, Destiny power leveling make you upgrade more easy, but it does take a while to get through. Some might even call it boring.

However, most of these “cheeses” have been regularly patched out of Destiny in an attempt to keep players on the straight and narrow path. For example, many Vault of Glass raiders preferred to push the Templar off the map in Vault of Glass, rather than actually fight him the correct way.

Once the Templar exploit was patched out, however, players found far fewer ways to exploit the raid as a whole. That isn’t to say the experience got more difficult, but it became a hefty time commitment. While some can run through the Crota’s End raid in under 30 minutes, the average Vault of Glass run can take close to an hour, and there’s really no way to speed it up…until now.

Getting past this section is fairly simple, although it’s unclear if the skip can be done with a full fireteam. In Isaac356’s example, he does it with a single teammate.

Here’s how it’s done. The first player stays in the Trials of Kabr section of the raid, waiting as early on as possible. The second player then descends to the Conflux area, triggers the section, and then returns to orbit. With nobody there to guard the Confluxes, but no player within the Darkness Zone, Destiny seemingly freaks out and keeps the Confluxes protected.

Ultimately, there’s still a lot more of the Vault of Glass to complete, including the Oracle phase, fighting the Templar, the Gorgon Maze, the Gatekeeper section, and then beating Atheon. But, even just a small skip is worth highlighting for players who regularly run this raid. Not to mention, this is one of the longer timed sections.

Yes, we know the loot isn’t great, but the shot at exotic weapons is still there, and the Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence are still really great Destiny weapons. Also, we highly doubt Bungie will patch this out; they’re too busy focusing on future content.

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