Destiny: Update Sees Raid Fixes, Strike Improvements and More

Destiny: Update Sees Raid Fixes, Strike Improvements and More

Bungie recently released some important details for the “Destiny” upcoming Patch 1.1.2. Slated to be released alongside the game’s upcoming second expansion, House of Wolves, the said update will see changes on raids, Destiny power leveling make you upgrade easy, strikes and improvements on player usage.

As pointed out in the studio’s official update blog site, the next upgrade will bring in the needed fixes for the Atheon and Crota Raid bugs.

“In 1.1.2, we have an opportunity to make some targeted fixes. We prioritized a list of items based on community feedback and tried to hit the ones that have been the most important to players. In particular, we wanted to improve the Atheon and Crota boss encounters. They’re challenging enough without the game getting in your way,” senior designer Gavin Irby told

More details about the Raid bug fixes will be provided when the Update Notes for Patch 1.1.2 is released, the site said.

The upgrade will also bring some Strike fixes which is said to improve the strikes gameplay. The blog cited User Research Lead, John Hopson particularly addressing the Cerberus Vae III Strike which, as he said, is “arguably the longest and hardest Strike in the Game.”

To answer the problem, production engineer Brenton Woodrow said that their goal now is to “ease up” on the difficulty of the strike.

“Our goal was to ease the difficulty for the least-completed strikes. In order to do this, we focused on the final boss encounters, which were fairly lengthy on higher tiers. We addressed this by reducing the strength for several of the major combatants,” Woodrow said.

Bungie will also begin handing out punishments to players who idle around during matchmaking activities.

“Sitting idle in Strikes and PvP has been on our radar for a while now, but it’s become clear that a small number of the worst idlers are responsible for damaging the experiences of thousands of other players,” Hopson said.

The site clarified the premise of the punishment by saying that only those “truly dedicated idlers” are to be reprimanded by “temporarily banning” them from the multiplayer activities.

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