Destiny Share New Weapons Upgrade Mechanics and Social Space Revealed

Destiny Share New Weapons Upgrade Mechanics and Social Space Revealed

“Destiny” game developer, Bungie, has revealed more details about its upcoming DLC “House of Wolves.” The upcoming DLC pack promises something that will “change the way the game is played” according to a report in Tech Times.

The report says that the coming expansion back is supposedly “built around players who have already conquered the game” and this is further confirmed by a recent announcement by Bungie about the game’s new Social Space called The Queen’s Bay.

A screen grab from the video game Destiny. Activision Blizzard Inc intends to spend 0 million developing and promoting Destiny, potentially breaking industry records as it seeks to build the sci-fi role-playing videogame into its next multibillion-dollar franchise.

The Queen’s Bay is located within the Reef where most of the action will take place in the new DLC pack. This Social Space however is not just available for those who have the expansion pack but is also available for other players who want to access it. It is however considered the player hub for the “House of Wolves” expansion.

It is manned by a character named Petra, who is the new Bounty Tracker and Story Agent. She acts as the player’s main contact in the area and assigns new Story Quests and hands out bounties for “House of Wolves.”

According to the report, the Queen’s Bay is also populated with shops who have new gear, weapons, shaders and ship schematics. It was not mentioned how players can access these however. The good news is even if players are at the Queen’s Bay, they can still have access to the facilities in the Tower, namely the Cryptarch, Vault and Bounty Trackers.

Part of the expansion pack’s new feature is that ability of the Tower’s gunsmith to re-forge weapons, giving players a chance to make the perfect weapon. This however comes with a price every time you have the gunsmith re-forge your weapon.

The report also cited other details shared by Bungie, such as raising the Light level cap increase to 34 such that players will be able to access all the game’s new Social Spaces without the expansion or Season pass. One last detail confirmed was the new “Prison of Elders” mode which is not simply a “simpler tower defense-style co-op mode” which will change on a week-to-week basis.

Bungie intends to reveal additional details this week. The “House of Wolves” expansion pack will be released on May 19.

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