The Nature-Based Class In ESO: Morrowind – The Wardens

The Nature-Based Class In ESO: Morrowind – The Wardens

The Elder Scrolls Online will allow us this June to return to visit Morrowind, thanks to the new expansion that will reach the online multiplayer title of Bethesda and developed by Zenimax Online. Well, with reasons for the imminent launch, Bethesda has revealed new details of the new class that will arrive next to Morrowind, the Warden, if we translate it into Castilian.


The Wardens will aim to defend life in Tamriel, and we will be able to personalize many aspects of it, in addition it is a class that allows the user to play with nature. For example, we will have the possibility of invoking animals such as the fearsome War Bear or make the healing plants grow.

In the words of Eric Wrobel, the chief designer of the Wardens:

“The Wardens are a class based on nature, and it is a fantastic possibility for all those players who were not satisfied with any of the four classes that currently existed in the game. So, in this way we offer a new possibility to the players. ”

Finally, just remind you that The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will go on sale next Tuesday, June 6, and will reach both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity for all those who have enjoyed the adventures of this brand new MMO, recover your desire to go out and discover what the Zenimax Online people have prepared for us on our return to Morrowind and their many missions.

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