How to Get 5-Star Monopoly GO Stickers

How to Get 5-Star Monopoly GO Stickers

Currently, in Monopoly GO, there are 26 sets of stickers, each set containing 9 stickers to collect. Out of all these cards, there are 30 5-star stickers. These 5-star Monopoly GO stickers are incredibly difficult to get, as they’re a super rare drop from any sticker pack. Luckily, there are several ways for players to obtain these stickers, such as quick wins, tournaments, events, the Prize Drop, and more. Let’s take a look!

In-Game Events and Tournaments

Monopoly GO introduces time-limited events and tournaments in the game periodically. If players manage to score a high rank in a tournament, they can claim valuable rewards, including 5-star stickers. Keep in mind, you must score high every time!

Duplicate Stickers for Rewards

Monopoly GO allows players to exchange their duplicate stickers for rewards. Once players have collected the required number of stars, they can access this option and try their luck. There are three safes — Green, Blue, and Purple. Green and blue safes contain 3 and 4-star stickers, while purple guarantees a 5-star sticker.

Complete Quick Wins

You’ll earn points toward these rewards by completing your three daily quick wins, so log on each day to knock these out. As points increase, the rewards bar fills up and gives you the opportunity to obtain 5-Star stickers once it fills up.

Trading With Others

Players can simply trade stickers with other players. To do so, click on the sticker you want to trade or the one you are looking for and tap on the option to join the Facebook group. Once players have joined the group, they get a chance to exchange their duplicate sticker with other group members. Trades with players you don’t know come at the risk of not getting a card in return – trade at your own risk!

Daily Deals

To skip all the hassle, players can try their luck with daily deals that appear on the home page. Look out for the deal that contains a 5-Star sticker. However, players must remember that it is a paid feature and requires purchasing.

Buying From U4gm

This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain 5-Star Stickers. Although it also requires payment, the price is much lower than Daily Deals. U4GM sells all kinds of stickers with tons of stock. They have every rare card you need. 100% safe to buy Monopoly Go Stickers without a scam happening. The delivery time is just a few minutes.

We hope this guide helps you get 5-Star Monopoly Go Stickers. You’ll either have to be really dedicated or really lucky!

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