Helldivers 2: Essential Skills

Helldivers 2: Essential Skills

Here are some of my personal insights into the game that will enhance your gaming experience and keep you ahead of the enemy, whether you are a new soldier or a veteran. If you don’t want to go through the lengthy practice process, the Helldivers 2 Sample may give you the answer.

Optimize your in-game settings

1. Adjust your crosshair settings

Change the crosshair setting from dynamic to visible. By default, you will only see the crosshair when you aim your weapon. Switching to visible ensures that you always have the crosshair on your screen.

To change this setting:

  • Go to Options
  • Navigate to HUD
  • Select crosshair visibility and switch it to visible

2. Quick bind grenade

If you play the game with a controller, bind the quick grenade button to a convenient key. This will allow you to quickly throw grenades, greatly improving your combat efficiency.

To set it up:

  • Go to Options
  • Select Controller
  • Select Change Bindings, then go to the Combat tab
  • Scroll down to Quick Grenade and assign it to your preferred button

3. Customize Ploy Bindings on PC

For PC players, changing your Ploy bindings can make a big difference. By default, holding down a control button to open the Ploy menu will prevent you from moving. Rebinding these commands to the arrow keys or mouse buttons will allow you to keep moving while using Ploys.

To Rebind Ploy Keys:

  • Go to Options
  • Select Mouse & Keyboard
  • Select Change Bindings, then go to the General tab
  • Reassign Ploy Bindings to your preferred keys

Survival Tactics Tips

4. Utilize Pelican Evacuation Support

During an evacuation, if you and your team remain outside the evacuation radius until Pelican 1 arrives, Pelican 1 can provide air support. This evacuation helps clear the landing zone of enemies, ensuring a safer evacuation.

5. Drop Samples at Safe Locations

Avoid losing precious samples by dropping them at safe spots on the map. This could be an outpost you’ve cleared or near an extraction point. This way you don’t risk losing samples if you get overrun by the enemy.

6. Call in Supplies Regularly

After each encounter or at the start of a match, call in supplies if you don’t have the Hellpod Space Optimization Booster equipped. This ensures you always have enough ammo and supplies, and the cooldown will reset in time for the next engagement.

7. Deal with Shrier Enemies by Going Prone

When facing Shrier enemies, going prone can help you ward off most of their attacks. This simple tactic can save you in a pinch.

8. Drop Support Items Strategically

When calling in support items like supplies or heavy weapons, drop them in front of your position. This way you can pick them up on the move and avoid being pinned down while waiting for them to be dropped.

9. Deal with Biot Titans Effectively

Shoot the gallbladders below. This way they will be attacked in some combat scenarios like airstrikes, ensuring they are taken down quickly.

Advanced Combat Tactics

10. Precision against Chargers

Use the Quazar expendable anti-tank or recoilless rifle to take down a Charger with one shot. Alternatively, stun them with a grenade and then use the flamethrower to finish them off.

11. Use Stun Grenades against Automatons

Stun grenades are very effective against Automaton husks. Follow up with a direct hit from the Lascan, Anti-Materials Rifle, or Railgun to quickly take them down. You can also use Stun Grenades to bounce grenades back at enemies or disrupt their attack patterns.

12. Utilize Shield Generator Relays

While the Shield Generator Relay isn’t very durable, it can protect a Hellbomb or support you during an evacuation. Combine it with a Smoke Bomb to conceal your activities and protect your team.

13. Master the Orbital Gas Strike

Orbital Gas Strike has been improved with recent updates and is now very effective. Use it to destroy objectives, enemy factories, and defend key points by covering enemy entry points with deadly gas.

14. Plan your equipment wisely

Make sure your equipment is balanced and complementary. Avoid choosing multiple weapons with splash damage to ensure you have enough back energy to help you recover quickly.

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