MLB The Show 24: Marketplace Monday & Roster Update Investment Tips

MLB The Show 24: Marketplace Monday & Roster Update Investment Tips

MLB The Show 24: Marketplace Monday & Roster Update Investment Tips

With new content and roster updates coming in the new week of MLB The Show 24, this will be an investment opportunity for many players. In today’s edition, we’ll cover everything you need to know to stay ahead of the game.

Team Affinity Chapter 3: Prepare for the Grind

On May 10th, Team Affinity Chapter 3 drops, bringing the possibility of 99 overall cards. While the specifics remain unconfirmed, the potential for top-tier players is tantalizing. Consider grinding the exchanges to earn substantial program points efficiently. The exchanges offer a shortcut to reaching your goals, saving you valuable time and mlb 24 stubs. Keep an eye on the market for breakout series cards, which can be excellent investments for future exchanges.

Double XP Weekend and Event Opportunities

Take advantage of the Double XP Weekend starting May 10th to boost your progress. While the daily XP cap may be frustrating, grinding Team Affinity and participating in events can still yield significant rewards. For the most dedicated players, being the first to obtain event cards can result in substantial profits when selling them early.

Flipping Opportunities in the Marketplace

Explore flipping opportunities in the marketplace to earn quick stubs. Look for cards with good margins, such as those in the Hyper Series, and place strategic buy and sell orders to maximize profits. While flipping requires patience and monitoring, it can be a lucrative way to build your stub bankroll.

Roster Update Investment Strategies

With the May 17th roster update looming, it’s crucial to assess potential investments carefully. Focus on high-tier investments like Will Smith, Sunny Gray, and Gunnar Henderson, but be prepared to pay premium prices for these cards. Consider lower-tier investments like Pablo Lopez for a risk-free approach with the potential for modest returns. Keep a close eye on market trends and player performances to make informed investment decisions leading up to the roster update.


As MLB The Show 24 continues to evolve, staying informed and proactive is key to success. Whether grinding Team Affinity, flipping cards in the marketplace, or investing in roster updates, strategic decision-making is paramount. Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the dynamic world of MLB The Show 24, and may your stubs multiply with every smart investment.

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